500 tons (2 x 250 tons)  Lifting Capacity


• 140 m of length
• 60 m of width

Paint Hall

900 m2 900 m2 paint hangar area

Additional 750 m2 production area for unit constructions equipped with 15 tons gantry crane

Engineering Offices

Cafeteria and Changerooms

Outfitting Hall

Multipurpose Maintenance Hall

Profile stock area equipped with 15 tons gantry crane

Cemre Shipyard Entrance

Steel stock area equipped with 15 tons gantry crane

Multipurpose Indoor Production Area

26.000 m2 multipurpose indoor production areas is used for pre-fabrication and unit production.

• 13 off 15 tons Gantry Cranes
• 3 off 80 tons Gantry Cranes
• 3 off CNC Bending Machine
• Mechanic Cutting Machine
• Bending Press 450 tons
Profile Bending Machine
Cylindrical Bending Machine, 600 tons


• 150 m of length
• 35 m of width

Cemre Workshop is located about 500 meters to the shipyard area. Small scale block production and production is also realized in this area where pre-production is performed. This center which also includes office floors is started to be used as the health and safety training center. Various training programs and seminars are provided in this section.

Cutting and Bending Area

This section spread over an approximate area of 1.800 m2 is a very important section on the production line. This section which has a different management and personnel is vital for the shipyard. It is the starting stage of the quality production through the latest technology devices and trained operators.

CNC Bench

We are able to process the marked data on the sheet metal by the help of laser cutting with 2 units of CNC bench in a problem-free way. Consequently we end up with sheet metal which is appropriate for the production.

260 HPR cnc benches 2 units (6-40 mm plasma cut, able to cut o2 between 0-150 mm.)


The remaining parts of the sheet metal excess materials are cut by the help of a 16mm mechanical guillotine and are made ready for the production.


With the help of the press which has a pressing capacity of 450 tons, the sheet metal is made ready for the production by application of the pressing data required for the production.

400 tons press 1 unit

Profile Bending Machine

Thanks to his equipment, required and special production profiles are produced and made appropriate for production. This device which has a capacity of about 400 tons is used for special Dutch profiles.

400 tons profile bending machine 1 unit

Cylindrical Bending Machine

This device has a bending power of 600 tons and is used for bending all the metal sheets and making them appropriate for production. This way, all the bent sheets are made appropriate for the required installation.

4 ball cyliner machine (can bend between 0-35 mm) 1 unit