450 tons special lifter

Slipway 2,
• 100 meters of length,
• Width 31 meters,
• 50 meters slipway in the sea,
• Appropriate for constructing 2 ships simultaneously.

Special outdoor block production area with an approximate area of 7000 m2. The production is tried to be made faster and more effective with 10 units of 15 ton gantry crane.

With respect to the pipe storage yard, we also plan to construct an extra pipe production workshop in this section in future.

Multipurpose indoor production area with an area of 2750 m2 is used also for special solutions such as aluminum production.

Prefabricated personnel office building

The area including the special pipe workshop where the pipes of Cemre are produced and the special purpose hangars. The total length is about 78 meters and the width is 10,5 meters.

It has a new constructed office area with an area of 1000 m2, refectory with a capacity of 600 people and 3 warehouses with dimensions of 12x28x10 meters.

3 warehouse areas is planned to be followed by 2 more. There is also a waste area.

2 indoor paint hangars equipped with the latest technology where we can control the temperature and moisture have a depth of 33 meters and width of 21 meters.


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Alternative production area of 1250 m2 is equipped with 3 units of 15 ton gantry cranes.

160 Ton Gantry Crane

250 Ton Gantry Crane

Slipway 1,
• 140 meters,
• 55 meters,
• Appropriate for constructing 2 ships simultaneously.

The dock after 240 meters of descent provides a perfect hosting for completion of the shortages of the ships.

There are office floors for the management staff and personnel, special refectory and under this there is an infirmary and training center.

Cemre Shipyard gate security and entry ares

Storage Area