Since its foundation, the most outstanding department of Cemre Shipyard with respect to development is production department. The structure of the production section, which started with 3 engineers, is now a large structure with steel, outfitting and paint departments where employment is provided for tens of people. The main target of the production department, accommodating about 25 engineers and technical personnel, is to provide efficient increase of the steel processing capacity of the shipyard from day to day.

The history of the paint department is older than the foundation of the shipyard. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the team working in this department, it achieves quite successful works and Cemre Shipyard made a distinguished name for itself with its paint applications.

The production department acquired a more developed structure with the development of the turnkey projects. Outfitting engineering developed under the leadership of production engineering and became a department accommodating many different functions within itself, where the technological capabilities are developing each day.