Cemre Shipyard conducts its marketing and business development activities at the international arena. Cemre, which serves its customers in Europe, specifically Norwegian companies for a very long time, decided to open to the other markets of the world in the new period. Within the frame of this plan, various marketing activities are planned and realized. The main market targets are :

• Northern Europe and Scandinavian Region

• Middle East 

• Central Asian and African markets to be opened.

Cooperating with the strong design companies in order to introduce itself in the Northern market, Cemre Shipyard continues to feel the pulse of the market with its periodic customer visits and exhibition participations.

Cemre, which conducts the required activities in order to be a part of Middle Eastern market, participated in the open tenders in this area and works hard in order to realize the projects. Cemre Shipyard, one of the important shipyards on the world completing the technical and financial pre-selection stage of ADNOC, one of the giant companies of the Middle East, continues to work for the fulfillment of its targets here. The works for African and Central Asian markets,which are new markets, are at the stage of research and analysis.

Cemre Shipyard established a reception and business development office in İstanbul in addition to the shipyard in Yalova for the continuity of its business development activities. This office, where international communication activities and negotiations are conducted provides many communication facilities thanks to its simultaneous video conference substructure and technology.