Cemre Shipyard manages the current quality management systems through a single Integrated Management System (IMS).

ISO 9001, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001 management systems are combined under a single roof. This way, a more productive process was started and document crowd was eliminated.

Documentation structure starts from the quality manual and progresses through procedures, processes, work flow diagrams. Moreover, the job definitions describing the details of the duties of each personnel are determined within the frame of the requirements of the quality management system and shared with the personnel in detail during the adaptation training given by the beginning of the start of the work.

The general purpose is to achieve sustainable success which is not indexed to personal success. With respect to the currently available works, it is targeted to develop a system which can be controlled through the computer infrastructure completely and this way to achieve the maximum efficiency.

Cemre Shipyard measures and reports the customer satisfaction daily over its own closed computer network. The customer representatives are requested to fill the relevant questionnaire after each audit they perform. This way, the customer satisfaction is always subjected to follow up process and all the reuired interventions are conducted timely.