You are where quality meets technology.

Welcome to Cemre Shipyard, one of the rising values of the world's shipbuilding industry.

Since our foundation, our purpose is to bring the high potential of Turkish shipbuilding industry together with Europe then the World. Our journey which we started with leased facilities in the beginning, continues in Altınova since 2008, which is the new center of Turkish shipbuilding industry. Our shipyard spreading over an area of 70.000 m2, continues each day with its advanced technology and capacity increase investments.

In this adventure, which we started as a semi-outfitted ship building company, we started delivering turnkey project services in 2011 after realizing the required investments. The global sector leaders observing this high potential and investment planning invited Cemre Shipyard to the tenders which received attention of the world, and stated that they see Cemre Shipyard as a serious candidate to accomplish the projects which constitute the subject matter of the tenders.

While the interest we received at the international arena makes us happy, it also increases our responsibility with respect to the customer satisfaction. It is our prioritized target to closely follow up the latest developments in technological approaches, engineering R&D works, human resources and environment and to raise the customer satisfaction utmost level.

Based on our belief in joint gain upon working and achieving as a team, we shall continue to make investments in order to raise the labor, knowledge and skills of our employees and develop with our young and hard working team.

In future, we shall always continue to work in order to produce the better, more developed, more effective products with will to work jointly supported by the experience and energy we possess and with our and quality policies targeting high standards.

Orhan Gülcek
Chairman of the Board of Directors