In our shipyard, we have two emergency rooms and a full time doctor and a nurse as medical support unit. All the equipment required for immediate intervention and firs intervention is always available 7/24 at the shipyard's medical support units. Cemre Shipyard is at a leading position in the sector with respect to medical personnel and equipment.

Each personnel is required have a detailed examination and have a full doctor report before the start of the employment. These examinations are repeated each year and the health status of the personnel is reported. Moreover, all the personnel employed at the refectory section is subjected to health inspection every six months.

Hygiene controls are also of great importance within the shipyard. These controls are conducted by the shipyard doctors and the authorities of the Ministry of Health without notification at an extensive area of the shipyard such as refectory, corridors, toilets, dressing rooms etc. The report prepared after the completion of the control is shared by the shipyard.