NB41 Kaldbakur was Delivered to Samherji!

The vessel is designed by Skipatækni EHF and classed by DNVGL with “Ice C” class notation. Main engine is selected as Yanmar 6EY26W 1620 kW@750 rpm with IMO NOx certificate Tier II, Yanmar also supplied auxiliary generator set 450 kWe @ 1200 rpm. Propulsion system is equipped controllable pitch propeller and gearbox by CAT Propulsion. The vessel with 62,54 m length, 13,50 breadth and 17 persons crew capacity has ice machine and fish hold cooling system for refrigeration system for cargo and deck equipment for fishing with the following winches; 2x Electric driven trawl winch 35 tons, 4x Electric driven sweep line winch 14 tons, 2x Electric driven gilson winch 20 tons, 2x Electric driven outhaul winch 7 tons, 2x Electric driven cod end winch 16 tons, 1x Electric driven auxiliary winch in trawl line 7 tons, 1x Electric driven net sounder winch 4 tons.