Human Resources policies are prepared within the direction of our vision and mission and are conducted under the following fundamental policies in order to provide a significant support for our business plans, to achieve quality production timely which can be realized by qualified personnel, as based on a HR system adopting the principle of continuous development to enable contribution to the career and personal development of the employees and increase their motivation;

-To fulfill the new vacant positions by using the valuable human resources of our company to the extent possible, within the direction of the targets and strategies of our company, 

-With respect to employment of personnel from external sources, to select the most appropriate candidate by transparent processes in which equal opportunities are given to the candidates and to enable the qualified labor force employment, 

- To establish systems to enable our employees to develop themselves, work with high performance and get promoted in their careers and to provide the sustainability of such systems, 

-To determine the training needs of our employees and to prepare training programs, to support their personal development by continuous training programs ,

- While running our relationships with the employees, to provide equal opportunities in all the Human Resources applications including training, wages, career and benefits provided, without discrimination of race, color, age, nationality, gender and belief.